My name is Dan Cruzat, this is my portfolio.

I’m a freelance web developer / producer / strategist, based in Portland OR but serving production needs worldwide. I am primarily a front end talent, markup and styles and interactive scripting, also have specialist skills in WordPress development and customization.

I like to build. Do you have something that needs building?

E+C Work

Independent Work



FRONT END DEVELOPMENT – Construction and maintenance of digital structures for content. Built in forward-thinking HTML, styled with modern responsive methods, additional interactions to provide ease to the user and track their engagement.

WORDPRESS CUSTOMIZATION – Since 2011, approx 50 custom WordPress systems built. Sometimes a problem is solved with a solid plugin, sometimes it’s a custom script. Dashboards are supposed to be intuitive. Also available for maintenance work on existing systems.

USER EXPERIENCE & STRATEGY – Full websites are not always needed, sometimes only a page is required. Custom work is generally recommended for commercial enterprises, but many times far less will serve typical digital needs. The preference is always a correctly scaled solution to a correctly scoped problem.

ADAPTABILITY – New systems and methods are opportunities for growth and learning.


The Regulars : PHP, HTML, LESS, SCSS, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

Experience In : XML, AS2, AS3


Frameworks : Grunt, Foundation, Bootstrap, Gumby, HTML5 Boilerplate

I code in Sublime and you should too.

More Apps : PhotoShop, Illustrator, IconSlate, Transmit, Filezilla, Tower, GIT, Compass

Next on To-Learn List : Angular, Backbone

Additional Skills

I am part of an expert panel that assists a talent sourcing agency with evaluation of incoming candidates. I have worked in SAAS and agency-land in both junior and senior level positions, have driven a team and been driven. I would say I am a good reader of people. I can translate between coder and human. I talk in silly voices.


I started writing HTML and JavaScript in 1999. I had my first job within a year.
I was freelance a little over a year after that. For many years I worked in audio and digital media production, selling myself as a one-man-solution.

I came to Portland in 2006 to be part of the problem. Splish.
Since then, I have worked with some great houses including Hanlon Brown, Razorfish, Babcock & Jenkins, Webtrends, Opus Creative, The Brigade, Mindjet, Periscope Creative and Polymer Studios.

Brands I’ve handled have included Intel, Nike, Sony, LinkedIn, Coca Cola, Windows 7, IBM, Audi, Best Buy, Providence Healthcare, Toshiba, Adidas, VTech, Autodesk, Icon Tires, Qwest, Sterling Communications, Cascade Brewing, the Union Wine Company and Sock It to Me Socks.

Proud to currently work with +Citizen, Artis Ventures, Eola Amity Hills, Oregon Pinot Camp.
Shoutout to Aquent / Vitamin T, I have love.


Earth people, New York to California.

Earth people, I was born on Jupiter.